The Science Behind Penis Enlargement: Cell Division

The single cell, discovered by Robert Hooke, is known as the basic, functional unit of all known living things. The human body is home to about 100 trillion single cells, and all these cells reproduce by a process known as cell division. In the human body, this cell division leads to the growth of tissue. When this cell division, reproduction, and tissue growth takes place with cells in the human penis, it results in actual penis enlargement.

Using a traction device, the subject is able to enlarge his penis by up to three inches using this scientific process. The longer you wear the traction device, the bigger the gains in girth and length will be. The way the traction device works to enlarge the penis is easy to understand if you understand cell division and reproduction.

The traction device works using the human body’s innate ability to adapt to its natural environment and outside pressures. Those familiar with Darwin’s theory know this already. The same way that people who lift weights regularly have larger muscles than those who don’t, and why runners have stronger hearts and bigger lung capacities, is how the traction device works to enlarge the penis.

It seems obvious that the penis might respond like any other muscle in the body to exercise, stimulation, and tissue growth through cell division. A regiment consisting of daily use of the traction device will without a doubt enlarge the male penis. It is simple science.

An unwavering adherence to this regiment, which is not too hard considering the device is worn without discomfort, will bring about tangible, noticeable results in a very short period of time. You can keep enlarging your penis by this process of cell division until you reach the desired size and then stop. Once you stop using the traction device, you will stay at the enlarged penis size. You won’t shrink back to your original size if you stop.

There are certainly many snake oil salesman out there, con men that prey on trusting consumers, and there has certainly been no shortage of snake oil salesmen selling penis enlargement products. Usually some kind of placebo effect supplement, it has no basis in science. The use of a traction device is the only scientifically proven way to enlarge the human penis, and the science behind it is solid. Using cell division, the traction device works on the penis by (painlessly) creating microscopic tears along the shaft of the penis. This is the process that that causes other muscles to grow after being worked out. As your body heals itself, it will fill in the tears with new penis tissue. This process is known as mitosis and cytokinesis. There are no tricks or scams, but it won’t yield results by the next day. Enlarging your penis requires commitment, but with a dedicated regiment of using a traction device, you can certainly enlarge your penis using the scientific process of mitosis and cytokinesis.