The History of Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is not a new fad. The practice of penis enlargement has been around for ages. If you have seen tribes and cultures that stretch their ear lobes, put large, metal plates in their lips, or enlarge their necks, just imagine what some others may have done. It has been documented throughout history that individuals used to put heavy objects on the genitals in order to stretch them out. This is a very painful process that is not regularly practiced in contemporary times.  If you’re thinking about checking into penis enlargement, rest assured that most modern methods do not require heavy objects putting strain on one’s penis or anything as unimaginably unpleasant.

There are, however, several different types of modern products that promise to offer penis enlargement results. One of the most popular is a penis extender, also known as a penile traction device. This is a much less dramatic way to enlarge one’s member than the old fashioned, painful way; but, this is essentially the same concept. This can work to enlarge one’s penis, but requires consistent use and patients to get results. You have to make sure to use these kinds of devices with regularity. The tribes that enlarge their ears with years of stretching require continues effort. Though, a stretcher won’t take years, it definitely requires one to be consistent with using the device.

If other culture’s ability to enlarge their ears or lips can teach us anything it is that it is very possible to get tissues to grow through constant pressure. One of the reasons that a penis extender is popular is that there are no possibilities of side effects. Stretchers can be used very discretely. Unlike the majority of other products, you can use one at home or at work without anyone being able to tell.

One of the most popularized, yet the most dangerous option out there, is having penis enlargement surgery. Penis enlargement surgery leaves an individual and their genitals out of commission during the time healing occurs. This means that even if the surgery did not have complications that you cannot test out the results for quite a long time afterward. In reality this kind of recovery can take several months and should be an absolute last resort for anyone that feels like they could use an increase in size.

If you’re still considering a surgery to get quick results you should try looking up pictures of surgeries that have gone wrong. This will surely dissuade anyone that is thinking of getting a penis enlargement surgery. Surgeries to the genitals actually involve cutting the penis in order to make more of the internal part of the penis that typically is not viewable more external to make the penis seem a few inches longer. Surgeries for achieving girth are much more difficult. This is because girth surgery is much more invasive and in some cases can even involve using other skin, sometimes artificial or cadaver skin. If that does not gross you out, send you running for the hills, and make you want to try something less invasive such as a penis extender, then you should reread the previous section and reconsider all of your options.