The Average Penis Size of Men

What is the average penis size for men? It is a question that has crossed every male mind for ages. Now, thanks to the wonders of technology, information gathering, and the world wide web, we can know the answer and as men, know how we measure up to our fellow men. Average penis size includes more than just penis length, it includes penis girth, and measurements for both flaccid and erect penis states.

There have been several studies done to try and determine the average penis length. There are two types of research being taken for these studies. Those that measurements were taken and self reported to the researchers, and those that had actual research staff measuring the penis for themselves. As you can imagine, the average penis size is much smaller in tests where staff measured for themselves and did not trust the male test subject to self-report their penis size. One study that relied on staff measured penis sizes involving American men of varying races determined that the average male penis size is 5.08 inches erect. This study, published in the September 1996 edition of the Journal of Urology, and concluded that age and size of the flaccid penis were not accurate predictors of the erect penis size.

A study done by LifeStyle condoms in March 2001 found that the average erect length was 5.8 inches (self-reported size was used in the research) with the larger penis size being about 6.3 inches and the smaller 5.5 inches. This same study by LifeStyle condoms found that the average erect girth size of the penis is 4.9 inches, with the larger average size being just over five inches while the smaller average girth size is 4.7 inches.

Another study published in the Journal of Urology found that the average flaccid (or limp) penis size was about 3.5 inches long. One study, with questionable reliability, reported different penis sizes for different cultures. Dr. Eduardo Gomez de Diego, CEO of Andromedical, reported that in France, the average erect penis length was 6.2 inches, in Mexico 5.8 inches, and 3.7 inches in South Korea. Many other studies seem to suggest that race is not an indicator of penis size.


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