Penis Enlargement using Weights

Just as tribes in Africa have changed the shapes of their ears, lips, and necks, using rings and other devices to stretch the tissues over time, penis enlargement using weights stretches and changes the shape of the tissues in the penis over time, eventually extending it and making it larger.  This technique dates back a very long time.  In fact, there is some evidence that the process existed as far back as ancient Egypt.

How Do You Achieve Penis Enlargement using Weights?

It is a fairly simple process, really.  Penis weights are sold specifically for this purpose.  They attach to the center of the penis and, over time, serve to elongate the organ by reshaping the tissues within.  The process demands long periods of time in which the man sits relatively still with the weights intact.  Penis enlargement weights is generally very successful, but it is not a short process.  Be patient, and you will eventually see results.  Some men who have used this method have reported results of over 1 an ¼ inch in growth.

Are there Advantages to using this Method?

Penis enlargement using weights may seem barbaric, but the process is really much more civilized than you may have believed from the start.  These weights were designed specifically for this process, and they do not use gravity to make the penis larger.  Penis enlargement using weights is safe when done according to instructions, unlike many of the pills, injections, and chemical supplements that are also on the market today.

Additionally, while a man is going through the process of penis enlargement using weight hanging, he may find that the weights stimulate growth and multiplying of the penile cells.  This means that regular use of these weights could also lead to increased girth of the penis, making the entire organ larger, both longer and wider.

Are There any Risks with Penis Enlargement Using Weights?

There are dangers and risks to using these weights, which men should be watching for as they work to achieve penis enlargement using weight. The first potential risk is that is the weight you use is to heavy for your organ, you could do permanent damage. Another risk that comes when the weight is too heavy,  is that the penis may become longer, but it will also become narrower at the same time.

Another danger that comes with the process of penis enlargement using weights is the risk of limiting blood flow to and from the penis. This may occur because the weight attaches to the middle shaft; if the weight is too tight, it will restrict blood flow.  The result of this over time could be catastrophic, leading to infection in the penis or even gangrene.  These conditions can lead to amputation, which would, indeed, be heartbreaking.

Is Penis Enlargement Using Weights for Everyone?

This process is not ideal for men on the go.  The weights must be used for long periods of time in order to work correctly, so if you do not have the time to be still for an evening and night at a time, he may not be eligible for the successful completion of the procedure.

It has been found by some that these weights are only focused on elongating the penis, but it says nothing about girth.  There have been advancements that all you to achieve penis enlargement using weights that affect both the elongation as well as overall girth of the penis.