Jelqing for a Larger Penis

Have you ever felt like your penis size was inadequate? Have you ever wondered if your life would be better if things were different? Many men dwell on their penis size but may not know what options are available for penis enlargement. There are vast amounts of pills and creams that claim to cause penis enlargement but many of these techniques cost a pretty penny and may not produce any results. However, if you are a looking for an all-natural and free method of penis enlargement, then you may be interested to hear about a relatively unknown technique known as jelqing.

The term “jelqing” is often used interchangeably to describe several different exercises that can be performed at home to enlarge the penis over time, including numerous different penis stretching, milking and massaging techniques. Jelq-based exercise routines may enlarge the penis over time by exercising the spongy penile tissues. As these tissues are regularly stretched and exercised, they will be able to hold more blood and as a result your penis will physically appear larger. The increase in penis size will be visible when the penis is flaccid, but the improvements become much more apparent when the penis is erect. Like any type of exercise, you will get the best possible results by completing your jelquing exercises on a regular basis, such as every day or every other day.

Before you Get Started With Jelqing

You should refrain from performing jelquing exercises on an erect penis and also should never ejaculate as a result of jelqing. Jelquing exercises can cause serious damage to a fully erect penis and should always be performed when semi-erect. When performing jelq exercises on yourself, it is important to start slowly and listen to your body for signs of trouble. Jelquing exercises should never hurt or cause bruising so back off immediately at the first twinge of pain.

How to Perform Jelq Exercises

The term ‘milking’ is a good way to describe jelqing to the uninitiated. The point of the jelqing technique is to expand and stretch the spongy tissues of the penis while your penis is semi-erect, starting from the base and pulling toward the tip.

You should first warm up your penis by soaking it with a warm, wet washcloth for several minutes and then gently massaging until it is semi-erect. Repeat these steps 2-3 times. Some men choose to complete the warm-up in a warm bath to avoid having to use the washcloths.

After your warm-up, you want to apply some lubricant to your penis and hands to prevent chaffing. Wrap your thumb and index finger from one hand around the base of your penis in an “O” shape and gently “milk” your penis by gliding the “O” shape over the length of your penis to the tip. You should be applying gentle yet even pressure at all times. When your hand reaches the tip, use your other hand to grab the base of your penis with index finger and thumb, then repeat the milking motion again. Keep repeating until you’ve completed 100 jelq strokes.

After you complete your daily jelq exercises, make sure to do a cool down using the same technique used to warm up (warm water and gentle massage).

To start, you should be aiming to complete 100 jelq strokes each day. After a week, you can add on another 100 jelq strokes to your routine. You can continue to add more jelq strokes each week until you reach a maximum of 500 jelq strokes in a day.

By following this simple routine, you are well on your way to a bigger, girthier penis!