Differences Between Extenders

So, you’ve seen several products that look extremely similar but with different names, such as the EuroExtender, ProExtender, FastSize Extender, etc.. All of these extenders are derived from two main extender makers, “Jes” and “Andro-Penis” or “Andro-Medical”. Now, there are companies that will buy either of these devices and market it under their own name, like the ProExtender, Vimax Extender, etc.. Whenever you buy a product from one of these companies, you’re getting one or the other (Jes Extender or Andro-Penis). Both are constructed very well – a lot better than the cheaper devices out there on the market like the “PenisMaster” or “Max-X-Tender”.

The problem with all of these resellers is it makes it confusing for people that are trying to purchase the best product. Hopefully this has cleared things up for you guys.

I would strongly urge you to visit my price comparisons page to see what each product comes with.