My Penis Enlargement Story

Please read my story located below if you’d like to know how I got into penis enlargement and how my journey has been, otherwise I would recommend heading on over to my free penis enlargement information area to learn more about penis enlargement and which will hopefully¬†answer any questions you may have about enlarging one’s member.

Are you looking to gain permanent penis length and girth enlargement, but don’t know what method out there works best? Are you looking for a scientific backing that the method actually works? Have a lot of skepticism about the products out there on the market, and don’t know which methods are legitimate?

I was. There are so many advertisements out today that promise to increase the length and girth of your penis, but with them come the doubt that they work and they’re just out there to get your money. Trust me, I know how you feel. Before penis extenders I tried just taking pills which did not work for me one bit, but really it makes sense as you don’t get all tone and muscular by sitting around all day and wiping oils on your body or popping pills do you? You have to put force on your muscle tissue to get results out of them. This is what penis extenders do. They put a constant force on your penis to enlarge your penis over time.

I was actually told by a friend about penis extenders (also called penis stretchers, penis enlargers, etc.) that said he had success with it. I was a bit curious as to how good the results could be; I’m a skeptic of everything, even out of a friend’s mouth.

After much research and understanding, the device is likened to tribal people that put various rings around their neck throughout their life to lengthen them, and put loops through their ears to stretch them out. It’s the exact same principle. Over time, the cells will split and your penis will lengthen.

So going back to this device that my buddy informed me about. It was a non-surgical penis enlargement device called a penis extender¬†(by most) that is clinically proven to work (and yes, the TL;DR is that it does work)! So I decided to purchase a penis extender, and within a few days I received the product in a standard USPS box (and no, it doesn’t scream “PENIS ENLARGER INSIDE!” when you touch the box, it’s discrete like they advertise). It was extremely easy to get it setup and start using. The results are real (view my results) and are permanent. This is the best and safest form of penis enlargement! Even if pills did work (which I’ve heard they do help with enlargement as long as you’re using a peins extender to help force cell division), you would have to keep buying them to continue any gains. With this product, once you purchase it, you can continue to use it without having to purchase anything else ever again, and you never have to go under a knife. I see that as a huge value.

The penis extender did cost me roughly $300, but I couldn’t imagine life without it now from the gains I have achieved. The nice thing about penis extenders is that if you have a job that doesn’t involve a lot of movement (such as a desk job) you can wear it while at work without anyone knowing. The enlarger pivots, so you can angle it any way up or down that you need. This is truly the best method available for you for penis enlargement.

Hopefully my web site can relieve any doubts you may have about penis enlargement. Please poke about my website or shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions. I have plenty of free information on my website about penis enlargement information.